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5 Reasons Why SAP is good for your business?

Is SAP only for large businesses?

The common misconception within the market is that the SAP only provide software to large corporations. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Managing income, hiring and managing staff, handling government regulations and driving growth. These are the standard challenges that keep every small business owner awake in the dark.

While SAP may be a major global company, it’s not just the large guys which will benefit. SAP Business One can assist you manage and scale your business more effectively by bringing together your production, inventory, purchasing, financials, sales, reporting and HR systems together into one platform.

Here are Five ways that SAP Business One can have a positive impact on your business, particularly if you’re ready to start scaling up.

Big solution for a small price

Many small businesses have operational requirements which are even as complex as larger organisations. The great thing about SAP Business One is you’ll access an equivalent quite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system multinationals use, without the hefty tag. SAP provides an equivalent sort of tools – business intelligence and analytics, sales forecasting and management, customer relationship management – in one integrated solution.

Greater financial visibility

Dealing with different data across ten different spreadsheets? By connecting your financial operations in real time with other key processes in your business – like inventory management, purchasing and sales – you’ll speed up the pace of transactions and improve your cash flow.

SAP Business One makes it possible to pick which employees have access to sensitive data like salaries and expenditures. So not everyone in your business must know your business.

Improve supply chain management

For any small business, managing vendor quotes, supplies and payments may be a juggle. SAP Business One gives you more visibility and control over the order to pay cycle and provides a far better thanks to manage your PO, receipts, invoices, returns, and payments. Optimize your buying with simple dashboard reporting and match goods receipts with inventory warehouse levels in real time.

Better anticipate customer needs

Bring your sales and customer relationship management functions closer together. Track progress from the beginning of the deal to the top of the deal and improve your pipeline accuracy. Once your prospect becomes a customer, you’ll manage all of your customer relationship and marketing activity through one platform. Having all of your data within the one place, enables you to create simpler servicing and communication programs.

Industry best implementation

SAP Business One immediately gives you best practice systems regardless of what industry you’re in. The solution is often customized for your wholesale, manufacturing, construction or distribution business, to call a couple of. And it’s fairly quick to implement compared to other solutions on the market.

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