About EDCS

our vision, mission statement and values

About Us

With over 10+ years of experience in the consulting, domain experience, solution services and architecture design services, Expora Database Consulting Services Pvt Ltd is a fast growing organization with a dedication towards meeting staffing requirements and high quality IT services. EDCS’s suite of offerings also include cutting edge robust solutions for various domains and IT landscapes.

Who We Are

Our core values revolve around total customer satisfaction through the offering of global standard methodologies incorporating innovative ideas, latest technologies and experience towards reducing operational costs and efficient growth.

We have developed and implemented the Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001:2008 & 2015 to ensure best practices for our clients. We are certified to provide high quality IT and Staffing Services and maintain high standards of output through a process based approach for delivery.

Our Vision

We envision ourselves being the most recommended consulting firm in the IT domain as well as staffing augmentation space.

Our partnership with our clients would be a strategic collaboration designed to help meet hiring requirements while adding value and expertise to their application and infrastructure needs.

We aim to measure our success on the basis of our client’s growth and achievements.


Our Mission

  • Deliver high performing, cost effective and innovative services and solutions implementing cutting edge technology that provide timely solutions to client issues and enabling them to accomplish their goals.
  • To enable technology partners and leaders speed up their hiring processes for business requirements.
  • Deliver cost effective and forward thinking training and skills development services
  • Provide a caring and highly rewarding environment for employees to execute high performance and outstanding results.

Our Core Values

EDCS’s foundation is built on certain values that define the approach to work. We remain committed to high ethical standards and principles associated in our core values:

Business integrity

to operate with integrity and honesty, competing fairly while maintaining anti-bribery processes and anti-corruption measures and avoiding conflicts of interest.


valuing and honouring all relationships with partners, suppliers and clients.


reach goals and targets by following industry standard procedures.


keeping innovation at the heart of operations and seeking better ways to do what we do better.


taking responsibility for our actions while maintaining high standards.