What is new in Oracle autonomous database

What is new in Oracle autonomous database

In 2018 the executive chairman of Oracle introduced the autonomous database at Oracle OpenWorld. Soon after this they also introduced another data system and recently they have announced the Oracle autonomous transaction processing service. It is said to be the most advanced tool that entirely covers automatic repairing and systematic updates including the security patches.

In the database history, it is considered one of the advanced modifications in the version of the Oracle database. In case the words sound so strange to you then why not dive deep into it? Get to know what is an autonomous database.

A cloud database that applies all the technical learnings in order to replace the labor (human) connected with the database security, updates for backup is an autonomous database. In this, data management and execution are managed by the administrators. The Oracle autonomous database provides a self-driving and automated database system. In order to manage the Oracle database, Oracle autonomous database is designed as a cloud-based technology that also keeps a check over regular updates. It is also said to be “self-driving, self-repairing and self-securing database technology”.

Reshaping the modern day technology, it has motivated many IT platforms to shift from administration to the new edges of innovation. Increasing the productivity of the associated platforms, it has also propounded a number of ways in order to deliver the exact services to the potential reviewers.

Ensure reliability through Oracle autonomous database

Oracle database runs over the machine learning and replaces human error. It also follows the budget decided by you. It has been estimated that with the utilization of Oracle autonomous database effective and innovative management will be promoted. It is a perfect blend of the database automation and the basic infrastructure embedding the new technology in the cloud server. It is nearly a major autonomous data management platform that delivers automated upgradation and patching. Performing most of the maintenance solutions it also checks for human errors and auto updation. Its prominent servings are –

 Replacement of human labor

As the database gets automatically updated and all the security patches are under control, it requires no human labor or administration. It also set up the updates within a few seconds hence there is no downtime or waiting.

  • Diminishing human error

This database program is entirely safe and reliable which manages the downtime (planned or unplanned) of the whole year.

  • Enhances affordability

It doesn’t require a larger medium for storage and operates totally over the machine learning hence it is a big ‘ON’ on cost saving.


Learn the features of Oracle autonomous database

As it follows the machine learning it can assimilate the entire database on its own. The scalability of the Oracle autonomous database system is higher and its monitor has the maximum capacity to avoid the problems regarding the performance. When met with any system failure, an autonomous database has the ability to carry automatic repair solutions. Its main features are –

  • It does not essentially require manual tuning to enhance performance.
  • It is capable to automatically create the database index to enhance the performance of the application.
  • It can control all the security breaches and also check for the data backup.
  • In order to prevent the authorization to unknown sources, it also encrypts the data and information.
  • It also has the feature of out-of-cycle which allows it for the necessary security updates.


In terms of reliability and out listing, the issues of human error and other management, Oracle autonomous database is considered more reliable and highly secure. It has its own operational frequency along with optimal efficiency.

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