Top 5 points you need to know to develop leadership skills

Top 5 points you need to know to develop leadership skills

Imagine working on a project without someone leading it. There would be a complete mess with nobody knowing which direction to head to with each person blaming the other for everything that’s going wrong. A leader is, therefore, extremely important. He leads his team to success by making sure that the project is executed perfectly by maintaining team morale and motivation in the course of execution. He also makes sure that there are synchronization and coordination in the team. He not only helps in the execution of the project but also inspires the team to do more and dream more. People generally say that leadership is a natural quality which one has with birth. However, this is not entirely true. One can develop the skill of leadership over time by way of commitment, hard work and practice.

How to develop leadership skills?

Now, how can one develop leadership skills? There are various ways this can be done but there are certain things which are more important than others. So, here are five crucial points that you need to know to develop leadership skills:-

  • Learn to take responsibility – Taking responsibility is the most important trait of a leader. A good leader takes responsibility for the entire team and the outcome of the project. You can develop leadership skills by learning and to take responsibility. Taking up more projects and being eager to lead them will make you practice the art that is being a leader. It will not only teach you to take responsibility but also help you get the experience of how to lead a team. It will improve your situational awareness by teaching how to react in a situation of crisis. These are some very important skills that a leader possesses. After all, as they say, “Practice makes a man perfect.” Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and stepping up will help you in becoming a good leader. Not only taking up projects but also avoiding pointing fingers at others and taking responsibility in your day to day life will inculcate leadership skills in you.


  • Practice discipline – Discipline is an important life skill even more so for a leader. Only a leader who practices discipline in his personal and professional life can keep his team disciplined. For you to be a good leader, you should learn how to be disciplined. This involves abiding by rules, meeting deadlines, and always being on time. This will inspire your teammates to be disciplined as well. They will also strive to do things on time which will be beneficial for the long term goal of achieving individual and group targets. You can inculcate the skill of discipline by setting personal targets like exercising daily, waking up early or time-bound work schedules.
  • Keep learning – A good leader shouldn’t become complacent and always try to learn new things from other people. This may be equipping yourself with new skill sets or simply gathering pieces of knowledge from what others say. This will help you in keeping your mind sharp and changing your thought process for the better over time. Learning new things will also help you learn better and faster in the future and stimulate your brain. This will help you in coming up with new and innovative ideas while working on a project and inspire your team to do the same. The new skills you have acquired will help you in taking up new projects and challenges. You will be a highly respected leader who is knowledgeable and looked up to by people. Always keep looking for new courses, informative books to read and follow the news regularly.


  • Inspire and empower others – It was quite rightly said by an American statesman John Quincy Dan that “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” A good leader inspires others to do better by setting an example in front of them. He helps in the personal development of his team by providing them guidance and encouragement. He also empowers them by giving them responsibilities from time to time. For you to be a leader, you should always inspire people around you and help them become better. You can do so by congratulating them on their small achievements to help boost their morale. Along with this, you should remember that only an inspired person can inspire others. So, always stay positive and push out the negative. It is also important to believe in oneself and passing on this belief onto the people around you.


  • Learn to follow – Now, you must be thinking why would you need to learn to follow if you want to become a good leader? However, what we often fail to understand is that a good leader was once a good follower. Following, in this context, means listening to others and what they have to say. This is something you should do on a daily basis to make it a habit. Make it a point to keep an open mind and give merit where it is due. You should also try to not be threatened when someone disagrees with you, questions your thinking, or puts forth ideas of their own. This will enable you to become an approachable leader who is respected by all. It will also enable people on your team to step up for you.

These are some ways to can learn to be a good leader. However, it must be understood that it is something that develops over time and cannot be learned in one day.

A leader is one who is crucial in the success of a project. It is important to have leadership skills if you want to be at the top of your chosen field. This is because without leadership skills you would be having resources and a team at your disposal without any sense of direction to make proper use of them. Therefore, leadership skills are extremely important to help you advance your career and are a necessary life skill.


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