Job Vs Career: Understanding The Difference And Why Career Is More Important

Job Vs Career: Understanding The Difference And Why Career Is More Important

Holding a job and building a career

The two terms are used so interchangeably today that they have almost become synonyms of each other. In this article, we are going to discuss the key difference between the two, and understand why the latter is always more important than the former. We’ll then discuss how you can move from job to career.

Simply put

the key difference between working in a job and growing your career lies in what you’re getting out of your work. If you work only to make your ends meet with no plans for future growth, then you’re simply doing a job. On the other hand, if your work defines who you are and you’re incredibly passionate about seeing yourself grow in your field, then this is what you can call a career.

While the definitions alone are quite sufficient to indicate that career is a better work choice than a job, here are a few points that will help clear things out even better:

  • A meaningless job without any planned career is not going to ripe benefits in the long run. Your growth will eventually stagnate and you’ll not have a lot of options left to explore after a few years.
  • Merely working in a job will leave you stressed and unhappy with your life choices. A planned career, on the other hand, will give you a sense of satisfaction and happiness that you should expect after hours of spending time at work.
  • You will always feel trapped at work with little to no personal time to spare when you’re simply focusing on the job. The career will not only make your day feel fulfilled but will also give you the time to explore life beyond work.
  • With a job, you will never be able to invest yourself in developing and passing on the values of your work, something that comes along automatically with career.

So, which of these two paths define your work life? Are you simply earning money with no time to invest in your future, or do you feel more enlightened and fulfilled every time you finish your work?

A short analysis would tell you where you stand. If you feel like you’re stuck in a job, don’t worry. There is always a room to shift your focus to a well-planned career. Here are some quick tips to get you started:

  • If what you do doesn’t make you happy and content, you’re simply not the right fit for the work. Consider exploring new career options.
  • At work, if you ever feel like your growth has gradually stopped even when you like what you do, this is again an unhealthy career choice. Find better work options that come with a constantly rising growth curve.
  • Be fully engaged in your career, but also focus on learning the values from your work. After all, this is what will define the purpose of what you do for most part of your day.

In the end, all that matters is that you stay invested and satisfied with your work, and keep learning new things every day.

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