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To cut the impact of COVID-19 pandemic most of the states had ordered people to stay at home. With the coronavirus pandemic forcing people across the globe into self-isolation. The majority of the companies worldwide are moving towards working remotely. Some big companies had extended the work from home throughout. Employees are fond of the culture because of comfort, ease of plugin, connectivity, flexibility, convenience of working from home schedule and most importantly travelling time are saved. As far as the work is done and performance is not hindering company will not have an issue other than that it had been notified an increase in productivity? Let’s say welcome to the future

However, working from home isn’t always easy and may also escort to sadness. Some employee lives alone and may feel secluded. So it becomes very much necessary to motivate remotely working employees

Game plan that will improve your remote setup and motivate remote working employee

1) Work Environment:

First and foremost, all employees should have an effective work environment. Necessary technology be compelled to the worker like devices, internet, headset, etc. depending on the business requirements. Proper tool/application should be installed for communication and meeting should be scheduled more frequently.

It is unto the company how they can encourage the workers by creating the work environment that will help the employee to become more intrinsically motivated. Working remotely comes with unique challenges. Learn how leading remote companies succeed in tackling day-to-day operational challenges virtually. Technology challenges should be easily look after. Provide employee with good speed internet which will help the craftsman to work at faster rate. Employee policies, delegations or lack of job security may cause dissatisfaction.

We need to discuss this point and motivate the employee and should always forecast our companies scatter diagram.

2) Communication and Feedback:

We are moving towards remote setup, the important approach that we have to follow is repeatedly communication. As we work remotely it is very much necessary that the idea of work, company’s need, project requirement and the respected knowledge for the project shall be well communicated to the employee. The company should be able to pass the culture to the employee working remotely, as said by the greatest: Culture isn’t a place’s culture is a mindset and communication will be the key. As the worker will be sitting across the globe, it will be need of a time to motivate our worker in intervals. There shall be a proper time to time meet conducted between the teams discussing about the work requirements and the progress of the work and most importantly also sharing some personal chat with employee just to ease the pressure of the employee and to understand the issue they might face while working on project. Positivity in the worker should be built by graphically representing the work done by persons and as a team and motivate them to work. Projects should be on deadline based. The meeting should be scheduled on a regular basis and expectation should be discussed well in advanced. Positive feedback should be shared with the employee and main time we should also hear about the employee goals.

Strategic growth chart should designed based on the employee goals and the team leader/manager should also graphically represent the growth chart to the employee. Smaller goals are easy to meet, so the teams should first work on employee smaller goals which will definitely boost the worker morale and interest in the work. Last but not the least we should give the work time flexibility (working hours) focus should be always on the output and survey should be conducted on a regular basis. Matrices like CPM, Team Meet, Rewards, and Feedback etc. should implement.

3) Innovation and Ideas

Company expectation should be shared with the employee from day one.

Most of the employees are bored after a while, they feel like the job is monotonous, however, it is unto the leads and managers to step up and think of innovation which will help the co-workers to think out of the box and be updated. Leads will always be a mirror of the team, employees will mostly follow the leads step or may I say orders. Innovation will keep the word bored far away from your team and will help employee to work smartly. Monotonous jobs should be automated.

Conduct a session where the entire team may discuss only on innovations, welcomes every Idea posted on the chat wall and acknowledge. New Ideas will help the person to bring shortcuts to work and make the job easy and once ideas stars becoming innovations the motivation level of the employee will be at higher stakes. We just need to share the positivity around the co-workers buy conducting session on the latest research that’s done by the XYZ employee along with a chart which will show drastically use of the tool innovated. Also a day in a week we can give a certain amount of time to update our skills. Hence innovation and ideas will help the employee to grow, think out of the box, not be bored and make employee enthusiastic and motivated to work. Brainstorming session will add more sugar to the coffee.

4) Reward and recognition

a. One of the most important aspect is rewarding and recognition, companies use this more often to motivate/provoke and decorate the appreciation. The fundamental principle of employee recognition should always be used when we want to praise others for the sheer hard work they have done throughout. We should always award winner in recognition of having met the highest standards of excellence or solving process issue or very good attitude at work etc. An employee should be well-recognized in a company for his sheer hard work. When you compare your market with competitive business environment you would force more on getting more out of your workforce. It is one of the way where we can meet high performance and improved stability.

5) Video calls and Breaks

The life of a worker is very stressful and it is extremely difficult to avoid stress when the work amount is at the highest peak. It is very much-needed that we lower the stress level, as it may cause an employee turnover or burned out. We may encourage the employee to take a summer break or a nap break, which will help to relief the amount of stress. Regular break will help you be more productive. You can divide your deadlines into micro parts and take breaks in between the Nano deadliness. Micro deadlines will help you work more quickly. Taking breaks make you more creative and help you to cultivate good habits. The most import part of break is that it will help you to process and keep information.

Daily morning a yogic medication session may help to calm the stress out. The majority of the workers are living in PG (alone), so for such people they feel loneliness and left behind, it is better to connect with the team on calls (Video) and share chats about the daily routine. Video calls does not mean every day, every time, once in a while just to know your team members.

6) Virtual team building activities:

Major drawback working remotely is team co-ordination/Team WorkAs lack of communication and co-ordination between the team members may hinder the project speed and quality. As a saying goes as “Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision“.

People working remotely in different part of the globe may not communicate more oftenHence it is very necessary to have virtual team building activates which will help to know each otherListed down are some of the best activities that will definitely boost comfortable relationship within a team working remotely.

a.  Online or Offline Games

Games are one of the key reasons for team building activities. When all employees are around conducting such activates are really easy, however there are certain games which are played online. Online games that would need teamwork to win and we can shuffle between the team members are play followed by encouraging healthy competition.

b.  Team Health challenges:

People in the current century are health conscious, some might be going to gymnasium, running or even yoga. The company is also looking for the good health force environment. We can set a call on weekly base where we can share different physical challenge/task with the teamEffective communication and coordination will increase quality and project development speed. I would close by saying work from is a lot more comfortable for most of the people. Employees can save time and do multi task, they can invest time in obtaining healthier life by doing exercise/yoga. Which will help you to be fit physically and mentally as in some fields there are a tremendous amount of pressure. Remotely employee’s save transportation money, which will add more value to your savings. Meanwhile, employees would need communication between the team to understand the projects. Some exercise which will help to build team morale and help team members get to know each other and work towards a common goal. Along with company’s growth team leaders/managers should also think about employee’s growth and graph the same.

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