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April 20, 2021by EDCS_IN0

Oracle isn’t the primary name that involves mind when considering the absolute best players within the hyper-scale infrastructure- and platform-as-a-service markets. It isn’t even the second, or the third. But a gaggle of recent announcements from its Open World conference show a path forward for the company to become a dark horse in these critical markets. It will depend upon its relationship with enterprises and investments in key new technology. Here’s how that could work.

An Existing Customer Base That’s Still Beginning Migration

Oracle’s existing customer base is one among its single biggest advantages within the cloud market. By and enormous , those companies have significant, mission-critical workloads supported Oracle Database (Oracle DB) that haven’t moved to the cloud yet. However, migration remains a priority for those companies, which suggests Oracle has a chance to push those workloads to its cloud.

The company features variety of tools at its disposal to encourage that migration. Last year, Oracle changed the licensing terms for its database, effectively doubling the worth of running Oracle DB on Amazon Web Services (AWS) by redefining how it counted processor cores. This may motivate cost-sensitive enterprises to maneuver their databases headed to the cloud into Oracle’s infrastructure instead of another provider’s.

The company’s second-generation cloud infrastructure is meant to supply a high-quality environment that permits enterprises to run Oracle workloads during a way that successfully addresses many of their concerns about security, availability and performance.

Most of Oracle’s existing on-prem customers are early in their cloud transformations, which suggests the corporate still has a chance to capture new business from its existing base. The close relationship the corporate has with those customers through its sales organization means it’s a big opportunity to push its cloud services and be a neighborhood of the conversation around digital transformation.

Sky Is The Limit With Cloud

Today anything is possible in the cloud. And enterprises leverage quite just one cloud application to realize productivity, savings, and profitability. They operate with clusters of on-premise and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications in multiple cloud environments.

But managing these enterprise applications overwhelms IT teams thanks to its complexity in architecture, control, data management, migration, licensing, and security.

Hence businesses are searching for robust public cloud infrastructures to support multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments and realize the subsequent benefits.

Anywhere/anytime access


Open-ended scalability

Infrastructure flexibility

Rapid deployment

Shorter time to market

Think Cloud. Think Oracle.

The Latest Gartner report confirms that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is that the most viable option among public cloud services available within the global market.

OCI is best equipped to run enterprise-class, production-grade cloud workloads in Oracle technology.
On bare-metal servers with high-performance computing or networking requirements

Next-Generation Infrastructure

Oracle’s second-generation cloud infrastructure was built by a team of veterans from AWS and Microsoft Azure who were armed with lessons learned after building a number of the primary public clouds. What sets Oracle’s environment apart is its specialise in high-performance computing and therefore the availability of bare-metal compute. Essentially, customers can get access to a whole bare-metal server with a high-speed network connection at an inexpensive price.

At Open World this year, the corporate announced the supply of Bare Metal RDMA networking, which provides customers with a 100Gbps connection between different bare metal instances. This exposes a replacement universe of high-performance computing applications that previously couldn’t have moved to the cloud in the least.

Having first-mover advantage here gives Oracle a chance to bring net-new customer workloads to its services. And landing those customers could open up opportunities for future expansion.

Ensures High Performance And Versatility

Oracle is one among the foremost versatile IT solution providers within the world. And OCI, Oracle’s integrated IaaS and PaaS offering, is that the icing on the cake.

OCI delivers high-performance cloud infrastructure regardless of your business vertical. Combining autonomous services, integrated security, and server less computing provides real-time elasticity to enterprise applications.

It provides complete visibility and control using bare metal and virtual machine computing and GPUs, block storage, Exadata database, networking, and WAN connectivity through its managed backbone network. The OCI architecture is designed to avoid over subscription and drive high-performance networks and maximum input/output consistency.

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Expora Database Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. (EDCS) is ISO 9001:2015 certified company with its office located in Bengaluru. The services offered by it include software-led IT solutions,
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