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May 12, 2021by EDCS_IN0

Trends have how of creating their presence felt. We easily gravitate towards them. At first, it excites our imaginations. we are already experiencing them in their entirety.

But when it involves mobile app development trends, what we experience is usually better than our expectations. Functionally they are highly advantageous. But from a business perspective, they’re also highly productive.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

Nobody anticipated that the web would crawl its way into our livelihood to the present extent.
Just once we thought the web couldn’t control our bedroom and kitchen, there comes the web of Things!

Imagine this, you are in your office. But you forgot to lock your house. So rather than returning home, you’ll lock the house from your current location. All you would like is an IoT powered lock system, an IoT app, and an online connection.

Not only our home or office, in the future, but we can also control almost everything by using IoT systems.

Not only our home or office, within the future, but we will also control almost everything by using IoT systems.
Many business companies are quickly shifting their gear into IoT app development. So in 2021, IoT devices are going to be as ubiquitous as smartphones.

Future Trends Of IoT
  • Smart homes and cities
  • Smart and self-driving automobiles
  • AI-powered IoT devices
  • IoT in healthcare

Machine Learning And AI App Development

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry is expected to rise to $40 billion. Although AI isn’t the phenomenon of 2021, this year, the technology was finally spread on most global market segments and have become widely employed by regular mobile device holders.

Similar processes of improving the standard of services with AI occur in healthcare and agricultural sector, also as banking.

AI-powered Machine Learning (ML) or just Deep Learning approaches are used by marketers to study user behaviour and improve products. That helps to save lots of money on inaccurate audience researches in sorts of oral polls and direct user feedback writing.

Recent mobile app trends study says, that the majority actively AI is employed to enhance information technologies (security instructions detection and user problems resolving). Other areas fortified by AI technology are marketing, finance and customer services companies.

Future Trends Of AI
  • AIOps to automate IT operations
  • AI with IoT
  • Smart camera with subject recognition
  • Voice and language translations
  • AI-powered Face Unlock
  • User behaviour predictions
  • High app authentication for cybersecurity
  • Adaptive Battery for more battery life

5G Network

The much-awaited 5G network is finally expected to succeed in the market by 2021. And consistent with statistics, 2021 will see 5G connections boom from between 20 million to 100 million.

Compared to its predecessor 4G, 5G is predicted to be super-fast, it’s 100 times faster! Combine this high speed with low latency and more stability, and you’ll see why everybody is rooting for this technology.

5G will bring revolutionary changes in streaming services as 4k streaming without buffering will end up being a dream. With its wider bandwidth, handling VR & AR 3D objects becomes possible. It will also help to reinforce IoT services with its improved connectivity.

Future Applications Of 5G
  • Wireless healthcare services
  • Cloud computing
  • Driverless vehicle technology

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

AR & VR technology is used to impact mobile apps related to camera, video, and gaming. It gives us the hint of mixed reality revolution. In 2021, we can see AR & VR coming with features like motion tracking, people occlusion, etc. Many AR-based app ideas also will become fully functional mobile apps. Industries such as healthcare, tourism, education, e-commerce, etc. will get a lot of benefits from this.

Future Trends Of AR & VR:
  • AR-based virtual user manual
  • Virtual training simulations
  • Exploration activities (VR-based)
  • Live music festivals & concert (VR based)
  • Destination navigator (AR-based)
  • Visual Learning (VR & AR-based)

Blockchain And Decentralized Apps

Blockchain technology is most famous for being the technology powering cryptocurrencies, with bitcoin being the foremost renowned one. The main idea behind it’s creating a decentralized database, that’s hijacking-resistant and fraud-proof.

Blockchain technology may be used in securing payments or access to the network by generating the tokens used in the authentication. With the decentralization of the database, no one would be able to modify the database records to gain unauthorized access.

The technology is usually seen only during a cryptocurrency context, but it’s changing with the interest of tech giants. Even Microsoft has launched its blockchain-based framework called Coco, which is aimed toward increasing the blockchain adoption within the enterprise sector and should become a kickstart for blockchain-based custom mobile app development.


The world has already started awakening to the advantages also as possibilities that Cloud has got to offer.

For example, reducing costs in hosting, improved loading capacity, and streamlined business operations are only a couple of benefits Cloud provides.

These days, there are many security-related concerns being solved with the assistance of Cloud, making mobile app development safer , reliable, and fast.

On top of that, with the assistance of Cloud technology like Dropbox, AWS, SlideRocket, and lots of more, it’s now possible to develop powerful apps that run directly on the Cloud. That means we should always also expect more such powerful apps, requiring minimal space for storing from smartphone to be released in 2021.

Cloud Computing Trends In 2021:
  • Quantum computing
  • Evolution of cloud services and solutions
  • Hybrid cloud solutions

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Expora Database Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. (EDCS) is ISO 9001:2015 certified company with its office located in Bengaluru. The services offered by it include software-led IT solutions,
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