Top Benefits of using SAP Crystal Reports.

Top Benefits of using SAP Crystal Reports.

SAP Crystal Reports a product offered by SAP since 2007. It is a business intelligence platform that permits you to supply intelligent reporting to small businesses. Furthermore, it also allows you to create, design, and deliver formatted business reports.

Consequently, modifying and simplifying the method of decision-making for your business. Also, making your navigation through business custom, smart and dynamic. It accelerates the method of strategy-making for your business.

Since it helps provide intelligent and dynamic reporting to small businesses, it enables you to spice up your business.

Reasons Why We Love SAP Crystal Reports – A Closer Look into its Best Features.

  • Building Reports Using Design Wizards

With this business intelligence platform, you don’t got to be excelled in programming to form reports. Using its smart tools like design wizards and parallelization capabilities, you’ll easily build reports for your business.

This aspect of SAP Crystal Reports makes it a superb BI platform that anyone can use regardless of their niche.

  • Leverage Built-In Tools

In addition to the planning wizards and parallelization capabilities, it’s integrated with numerous other tools. Functions like built-in sorting, filtering, ranking and etc., are often easily performed using SAP Crystal Reports.

Furthermore, other tools like conditional formatting, search capabilities, grouping, and parameters also come pre-loaded during this BI platform.

  • Integrated Charts

the most crucial a part of creating any business report is that it should be easy to know . If your business report is extremely lengthy and boring, nobody can pay heed thereto .

To overcome this problem, SAP Crystal Reports comes pre-loaded with so many different charts. These charts include histograms, pie charts, bar charts, area charts, funnel, and radar charts. Usage of those charts in your business reports makes it easy to analyse and understand.

  • User Identification

It is extremely important to manage the safety of your reporting environment. Any unauthorized access will be extremely dangerous for the business.

To avoid such situations, SAP Crystal Reports has integrated security measures to your reports.

With single sign-on capabilities, users are often identified very effectively. Consequently, allowing only authorized access to your value reports.

  • Sharing Business Analytics

Sharing Business Analytics is additionally an important feature of any business intelligence platform. With this BI platform, you’ll effectively communicate your business facts with others. This will help them to know your business better.

Furthermore, it develops and nurtures a culture of well-informed and arranged decision-makers for your company.

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