Top 5 Benefits of Going for a SAP EHP Version Upgrade

Top 5 Benefits of Going for a SAP EHP Version Upgrade

The enhancement package upgrades for SAP, more commonly referred to as simply SAP EHP upgrades, have numerous benefits. Unlike a release upgrade, which is done to upgrade your SAP system to new technology, the purpose of an EHP upgrade is to bring new business functions within the same system. 

In other words, with an EHP upgrade, you get a series of new features and functionality to further enhance your SAP operations within your business. These upgrades are done either to resolve pre-existing issues or to introduce a new concept to the system. 

But what are the core benefits of SAP EHP version upgrades? We are listing down the top 5 reasons why every business using a SAP system should immediately update it with the latest EHP upgrade. So, without further delays, let us begin!

  • For an Enhanced Security

It goes without saying that enhancement upgrades are meant to resolve the scope of security concerns in your SAP system. This is exactly why your SAP security features get more and more robust every time you upgrade your system with the latest version of EHP.

  • For Configuring and Using New Features and New Business Functionality

Probably the biggest advantage of going for an EHP upgrade on your SAP system is the array of additional features that you get along with it. These features and new sets of functionalities are developed keeping in mind the pain points of using the current SAP version.

A better streamlining of your SAP functionality through these added features is, in itself, a good reason to make that upgrade!

  • To Get Uninterrupted SAP Support

You may be familiar with several cases where organizations stop getting active SAP support for an older version just because they didn’t upgrade it with the last EHP version. This happens due to the fact that the SAP support team is trained to work on the latest EHP upgrades, and over time, the previous versions become completely obsolete. 

  • To Reduce Customization Cost for Solution Implementation

Another fairly obvious benefit of updating your SAP system to the latest EHP version is that it significantly slashes down the cost incurred during the customization for solution implementation. This is probably why SAP itself recommends these seemingly optional upgrades as they are meant to make your system more efficient, bug-free and economical than ever before!

  • To Respond to the Customer Quickly

Last but certainly not least is the indirect betterment of the customer experience through SAP EHP upgrades. This mainly happens as a result of improved efficiency in a multitude of ways as well as due to the introduction of new features in your SAP system. 

Make the best use of the bundled support actions offered by SAP by opting for the latest EHP version upgrades and make your operations more robust and efficient than ever before! 

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