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Tips to choose your SAP service provider

SAP (Software And Processes) being a German multinational company which is the most used ERP system provider in the world. The company initially built systems just for large companies, on the other hand eventually it started building systems for little businesses also. SAP has put the knowledge, previously available only to large multinationals, now accessible to all types of small business owners too. SAP has become one of the most popular software around the world. A company providing SAP services will assist you in integrating the SAP system within the processes of your company and assist you in harnessing the potential of SAP.

Every business may be a complex combination of varied systems. To become successful, every cog within the system should function effectively. Getting accurate information at the right time plays an important role in ensuring the success of each business. One of the foremost critical systems that provides Information is that the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. An ERP system may be a software that companies use to manage its day-to-day operations.

SAP Professional Services Selection

A partial list of what you should look for when selecting a SAP Consulting Company includes:

  • Industry expertise, preferably in yours or one similar to yours
  • Advanced implementation methodology that extends the ASAP model where needed
  • Experience across several industry verticals
  • A deep network of consultants
  • A culture of fostering knowledge sharing
  • Transparent sales and marketing approach
  • A value discovery and delivery approach
  • Testimonials from other clients
  • Demonstrated thought leadership both broad and deep
  • Willingness to dig deep into the tools available to find a solution
  • Ability to both say no to infeasible solutions while also actively searching for alternative solutions.

Facilities provided

Before you choose a service provider that provides the right SAP system for your business, should make sure first what kind of facilities will be provided.

System Use

The first thing that must be discussed is that the intended use of the system, for instance, the SAP Business One package is intentionally ordered to strengthen access to accounting and financial reporting. However, you’ll also order for trading systems or other systems as required.

Implementation Period

The implementation time or trial usage time of every SAP system ordered will differ counting on the license obtained and therefore the desired data integration model. Therefore, you’ll discuss intimately the time of SAP ERP implementation that has been ordered. In general, the time for the implementation of the SAP program is around 1-6 months.

Number of Starter kits and licenses

The SAP system has the privilege because the system used are often adjusted to the requirements of companies who want it. This is what is going to differentiate the amount of starter package licenses for the company’s operations. For small-scale start-up companies, for example, only need 1 SAP Business starter package and license, while for large-scale companies with branches that are spread not only inside but also abroad, need 3 or more SAP Business starter packages with a spread of licenses tailored to the company’s divisions.

Hardware, Software, and Servers

When you plan to work with a service company that gives SAP ERP system package facilities, first ask the hardware, software, and server model which will be used. Can you use hardware and software that already exists within the company or must use a separate device? If you employ a separate device, you ought to ask whether the specifications of the device to be used are already directly a facility of the SAP system service provider company or your company has prepared it separately.


In order for the SAP system to run within the company to fulfill the merchandise functions professionally, you would like to ask about the SAP program maintenance process. The periodic maintenance process administered by the IT division will keep the info processed by the system steadily presented in real-time and help company officials make policies according to company conditions.

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