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Leading SAP latest trends

Our evolution has been changed during the past decades and the way well we are adapting to the new SAP trends and technologies. Every product, every service, and other elements of this world are hungry for brand spanking new modules, skills, and SAP is not any different. Some of these are fairly new, and most are iron-clad technologies, which have survived for several years during this genre.

Learning how technology has taken its birth and the way well it’s reshaping the digital world is one among the foremost suited assets contributing to the expansion of industrialization is always an encouraging factor. In the meantime, it’s also important to urge skilled within the current trends and technologies of the foremost demanded skill round the globe which helps to face best in industrial competition during a healthy way.

Here are the SAP trends and technologies that are quite bound to catch on.


In 2015, S/4 HANA started its journey with a best beginning. It slowly improved by itself, and at the end of 2018’s first quarter, it was a 43% hike in the usage of S/4 HANA. When strategies are planned for a re-implementation or an entire upgrade of ERP, the S/4 HANA comes handy. In this module, it helps in transferring the in-house information to its cloud. You can choose from the private and public cloud version of S/4 HANA. Data accessibility and mobility are the most reason for the rise in demand for S/4 HANA specialists. In simpler terms, this module helps in solving complex administrative work when it involves handling a huge amount of knowledge.

SAP with the Internet of Things

Internet of Things has emerged into connecting every device to the cyberspace. With this connection, the info accumulated is unparallel and using unique analytic tools, unique information mining is straightforward. With SAP implementation, the IoT can create a platform for businesses to enhance security, get a far better insight into data, market data analysis, and far more. SAP also provides an opportunity to integrate it with other applications to make predictive analysis, behaviour mapping. The best example of SAP with the web of Things is Sap Connected Goods.

SAP with Blockchain

SAP with Blockchain is an add-on to the SAP with the web of Things. With the knowledge gathered by the web of Things, companies would require a secure platform to store, access, and transfer data. With a mixture of SAP and Blockchain, it’s possible to make a secure environment for information, and at an equivalent time, it’s possible to make transparency among stakeholders.


SAP Field Service Management creates a platform for the complete service procedure of a concern. It starts with customer requests to delivery of the service. With this technology, a concern can automate major functionalities of service management, and extract useful information for decision making. SAP FSM is also clubbed with the Internet of Things to reduce numerous real-time mundane activities. SAP FSM integration into a platform for handling assembly operation is trending today, and it helps in dividing the operation for easy delegation.

SAP analytics cloud and big data

Big data is not something new. With the information found in the cyberspace, the companies are trying to make the best out of the data collected to use it for their decision-making strategies. With the SAP analytics cloud, creating AI-based data analysis becomes easier and thereby creating insightful information for the wellness of the company.

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